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Current Gallery: animals ( piece)
Here in Florida, there is an abundance of fascinating animals to photograph. I enjoy being outdoors watching wildlife in their habitats, and feel blessed when I can capture something unusual or interesting! Several years ago, I discovered that I had a way with wildlife as well as domestic animals. I went to a small zoo in Sanford with a friend who wanted to take some pics. At that time, I didn't have a camera with me. I noticed that when I called the animals, I really got their attention. My friend was aggravated because he wanted to take some shots of a couple of cheetahs, but they were about a football field's distance away and his camera couldn't zoom in that far. I told him, "Give me a minute." I then proceeded to call the big cats just the way I'd call my housecats! To everyone's amazement, the male cheetah looked up, and began to lope his way in front of us, posing nicely on top of his enclosure! My friend and I walked to the next exhibit, which was a bunch of Rheas. (They are like a small ostrich.) He said, "I bet you can't get them to come!" To that, I said. "Give me a minute." I began calling the big birds, and they all started coming over to us in groups of threes! This continued to happen with a hippo, two elephants, and several other animals. Since that time, I've actually called and picked up a prairie dog that was loose in my yard. My brother took it home, and it began to chase and bite everyone in the family, but it was just fine with me! I have walked within three feet of rabbit and it didn't run away, and I've actually had a squirrel climb up my leg to get a peanut! (I don't recommend that. Those claws are worse than a cat's!) So began my affinity with animals. I even called to a gator in Lake Woodruff, and it bellowed at me! That was unnerving. This gallery also includes shots of Tigger, the former mascot of Sugar Mill Gardens, who is now my cat. Tigger has his own group on Flickr, the photography site, and is well known there. I began caring for him in January of 2008, and brought him home the following summer during a tropical storm. He's now a member of my family! Anyone who would like to help with his care can purchase a photo of Tigger. Also in this gallery are insect and butterfly shots, fish and turtles, and basically all kinds of creatures. I hope you enjoy it!
"Heading Home"  (2017) by ChrisCrowley
  • Heading Home Heading Home
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