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I have been wanting to do a photo spread with images from the Daytona Beach area for a while now. I will be adding to this over time, and want to focus on images that are more dear to the hearts of locals than tourists- the things you often don't see or come to Daytona to see. Architecture ranks high on this list. Over the decades I've lived in the Daytona area, many buildings, businesses and landmarks have come and gone. Change is here to stay, but some things remain only because people fight to save them! In this area, tourism and economics are the driving force behind most decisions, so many things won't remain for generations. Those that do only do so because it's advantageous to the area's economy for one reason or another. A lot of places residents recall from their childhoods no longer exist- having been replaced by structures that serve more modern purposes. Schools, churches, businesses, signs, hotels....they come and go here. I want to try to preserve what I can!
"Bleachers"  (2015) by ChrisCrowley
  • Oakridge and A-1-A, Daytona Beach Oakridge and A-1-A, Daytona Beach
from $ 22
  • Vintage Gas Pumps in Daytona Beach Vintage Gas Pumps in Daytona Beach
from $ 27
  • Bleachers Bleachers
from $ 22
  • Tarragona Tower and Arch Tarragona Tower and Arch
from $ 22

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