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Digital Photo Montage Prints. Born from my love of traveling, I endeavor to capture the essence and characteristics that I find specific to a place.With multiple images collaged and manipulated, overlaid and intertwined, I am recreating pieces of my visual encounters and memories.The visual illusions created when multiple photographs are layered form distortions; teasing the eye.This process develops the rudimentary ‘snap shots’ during travels into a visual memory of being in a place. It is more than an instant, yet elusive, and almost evasive, like our memories. The snap shot becomes a sense of being somewhere: senses including textures, colors, cool and warm tones, seasons, cultures. A sense of time; a moment having passed. A combined, unity in multiple moments in and around the same place. My artwork is inspired solely from my photographs and my memories.
"Scotland Segments"  (2014) by evelyncurryart
  • Scotland Segments Scotland Segments
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