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Current Gallery: positiveart ( piece)
Hello, and welcome to my "Positive Art To Lift Hearts" Fine Art Gallery.

As a recording artist and songwriter, whose music promotes peace, love, unity, oneness and celebrates multiculturalism, I had always expressed myself in this way musically, but had been long inspired to create an art collection featuring original acrylic paintings and positive art concepts promoting peace and love. I am, immensely blessed by the opportunity to offer my work and to have an outlet to share this other aspect of myself! It is my hope that the offerings found within, inspire, move, and give birth to a deeper love for for for our for the diversity of our world and promote peace in all its forms, within your lives and the lives of others.

Featured in this gallery, is a small sample of works from my various collections

"BEAUTIFUL ME" - is a collection celebrating the beauty that is you! to inspire self confidence, self empowerment and self love

"FABRICS N FLAVORS OF THE WORLD" - is art inspired by the gorgeous fabrics/art of various cultures. Mexican pottery, Kutch fabric, etc...etc.

"THE OFFERINGS" - is a collection inspired by the desire to give love to others, appreciate, encourage.

There are collections celebrating our planet, "WORLD IN MY HANDS," and others such as "HUMAN TAPESTRY," to promote peace.

My art can be found, not only here as fine art prints and canvas, both framed and unframed, but at the locations below as gifts, Ceramic Art Tiles, Handbags, Jewelry and other "handmade offerings" that will be coming soon to my LEILASWORLD HANDMADE store.

""Kutch Embroidery""  (2009) by leilasworld
from $ 12
  • Colors Outside The Lines Colors Outside The Lines
from $ 12
from $ 12
  • Colors Of My Heart Colors Of My Heart
from $ 12
from $ 12
from $ 12

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