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Encaustic, which derived from the Greek Word: enkaiein or encaustikos, which means to burn into by ancient authors, have dated back to as early as 800 B.C. The encaustic art dates back almost 3000 years to Egyptian and Greek times when heated coloured waxes were used to decorate warships and the walls of tombs. However, the meaning is misleading because heat is not absolutely necessary to attain the effects seen on various encaustic panels. Over the years it has come to mean any painting method in which pigment is mixed with beeswax. Wax is an excellent preservative of materials and may be one of the reasons the encaustic painting developed. There is great variety of methods that could be used to achieve the desired effects in the encaustic paintings hot or cold wax, under-painting with various colours, and a variety of soft or hard tools that were used cold or heated ( Paulette A. N. Mortimer has applied the encaustic wax to paper to produce original artwork.
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