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Seeking premier power system,lighting, telecommunications artwork or industrial photography to enliven your corporate office or home's walls? Here, "industrial" photography isn't just "industrial" anymore. Want access to over 40 years of power system and telecommunications archival photography? This artist imparts more than a mere grasp of this technology to share. . . but a generous and devoted passion to this technology portrayed in his own vision of the utility industry over 50 years. A most stunning torrent of power system photography can be yours! Visual impages as well as hand-drawn artwork are lovingly crafted by this long-time veteran of the industry. See your industry documented in ways to captivate you, your colleagues and corporate visitors. Equipment and facilities are treated as royalty. Facilities emerge as a stunning technological marvels when captured through the technically knowledgeable and savvy eye behind this camera. The equipment and facilities are treated as heroes with all the virtuosity, colorful intensity, and dynamic visual appeal they deserve. Artwork captures the passion and unsurpassed qualities which envisage America's power and telecommunications network. Unlike many lay photographers, the artist's intimate technical knowledge of the topic, guarantees accurate artistic portrayals. His photography and artwork is well known throughout the electric power industry. Fire up your passion with these inspiring images today!
"Pole Fire!"  (2008) by TheElectricOrphanage
  • Pole Fire! Pole Fire!
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